Re-felt (Felt not included)

We have many colors and types of felt available for you to choose from. All work is done on site.

In Home Move with Breakdown

If you’re moving your table to a new room or redoing your floors, we will disassemble your table and rebuild it in another room. We can also return at a later date when your floors are complete.

In Home Move (Slide)

If you need your table in a different position, we will slide it and re-level the table without dis-assembly.

Bumper Replacement (Felt Not Included)

This is always a 2 day process. Your rails will be taken to our shop and the new bumpers will be professionally installed. We will return and re-felt your table with the felt of your choice.

Pool Table Re-level

If your ball is drifting to one side, our techs will get you back to level.

Coin Op Re-felt

We will even re-felt single piece slate tables and coin op tables.